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Let’s Catch Up: Where I’ve Been

Surprise – it’s me!

I realised this week that it has been almost two years since my last blog post – whoopsy! I am looking to revive the blog, and have some exciting ideas for upcoming posts, but for now I wanted to give a little life update as so much has changed in the last two years.

First of all – I moved! Two years ago, I was living with my then-fiancé, now husband (more on that in a minute!), in a little flat in Cardiff. We had recently graduated and were working hard in the city, enjoying the fast-paced lifestyle and our newfound freedom from education. Our long-term plan was to stay in Cardiff, buy a house and put down roots there.

However, the Coronavirus lockdowns came along and really threw a spanner in the works. The lockdown years were really tough and, in Spring 2021, we made the big decision to move back to Cornwall to be closer to family (the beaches and pasties were also a bonus). The move brought with it the fun of us both having to hunt for jobs and somewhere to live in the middle of a housing crisis (and all whilst trying to plan a wedding in the middle of a global pandemic). It’s therefore fair to say that this was a stressful time, but we are now finally settled, living in and working nearby Hayle.

Second of all – we got married! Our marriage was a long time coming, having been postponed twice due to Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, but we finally had our day in September 2021, a year after the original date. I recently found a draft blog post I had written all about our experience of trying to plan a wedding during Covid which I may share shortly; even if no-one else is interested, it’s something I’d love to record and be able to look back on in the future.

With so many huge life changes occurring in a short space of time, it’s no wonder that I haven’t had the brain power or inspiration recently to write for my blog. However, now that I finally feel settled, it is something I am excited to revive, so watch this space.

More posts to follow soon – don’t worry, though, I won’t keep you waiting two years for the next one!



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