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Sharing the Small Business Love: My Favourite Purchases over Lockdown

We all know that Coronavirus has put huge amounts of pressure on businesses and the economy, not just in the UK, but the world over. Many small businesses in particular are struggling to keep afloat with the closures of shops during lockdown and the proliferation of huge online companies such as Amazon who stock just about anything you can think of.

               As a consumer, I have tried to be much more mindful of where I’m shopping for gifts over lockdown. And let me tell you – it’s kept me busy. As many of my furloughed friends have done, I have spent a significant amount of time scouring the internet looking for gifts for family birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions, such as Father’s Day. There’s always another occasion on the horizon and with lockdown continuing into the foreseeable for many parts of the UK, I wanted to share some of my favourite shops and gifts that I have found from smaller businesses online.

  1. Pebble artwork from PebbleArtbyMangolia, Etsy
PebbleArtbyMangolia, purchased through Etsy

It was my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary back at the beginning of June and my sister and I ordered a beautiful piece of pebble artwork for them. We were able to customise the background colour, frame and wording. The estimated delivery on ordering was a week or so after their anniversary, however I messaged the seller and she was able to make it quicker than expected and it arrived a few days before their anniversary date. Follow the link here to see the options for yourself.

This shop sells a stunning range of pieces which are definitely worth checking out whether you purchase as a gift or for yourself!
Shop their full collection here.

2. Cute coaster from OldEnglishCo, Etsy

OldEnglishCo, purchased through Etsy

I was putting together a gift package for a friend and had hunted around for a while trying to find a cute coaster. This company had loads of unique and interesting designs that were exactly what I was looking for. The coaster is linked here. They also do prints, mugs and cushions with fun designs – I’ll definitely be having another look again soon.

To see their full shop, click here.

3. Roald Dahl quote print, FreddieTheKid, Etsy

FreddieTheKid, purchased through Etsy

I was looking for a pretty print to hang up on my wall. As I am currently renting a flat, there are not many changes I am allowed to make to personalise the space – I can’t paint the walls or put up shelves. But I saw this print and knew it would make me feel more positive about my living space. It’s just as lovely in person. Here’s a bonus picture of it hanging in the bedroom.

In love with this style from FreddieTheKid. Print hanger pre-owned from Amazon.

I loved looking through this shop’s collection – it was so difficult not to buy everything! If you’re looking for some cute prints, follow this link to view the full shop.

4. Personalised scrabble art piece, SimplySaidGB, Etsy

SimplySaidGB, personalised and purchased through Etsy

It was my grandad’s 80th birthday and my sister and I were looking for a unique present and this was perfect. I contacted the seller to ask about personalising the name and the frame and she was extremely helpful in offering to create the piece in a larger frame. It arrived within no time and my grandad was over-the-moon with such a personal gift.

There is such a great selection of personalised cards and gifts in this shop, so you can find something for any occasion. To shop, click here.

5. Teardrop pearl necklace, emiliaraebridal, Etsy

emiliaraebridal, purchased through Etsy

I bought this beautiful necklace for my maid of honour to wear on my wedding day. It is stunning and of a quality that you could never get for such a reasonable price on the highstreet.

This seller has a stunning range of jewellery that I could scroll through for a very long time. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for something special. For the full shop, follow this link.

These are just a few of my favourite things that I have purchased, and I realised when writing this post that they are all from Etsy which was completely unintentional! Etsy is such a great place to shop online as there is a huge selection of unique and often customisable items, which is great when you are looking to buy a gift that’s a little special or out of the ordinary. The service is so much more personal than when you shop on larger company sites and I have found that the sellers go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with your final product. Having said this, there are many other great ways to browse independent shop products – another favourite of mine being Notonthehighstreet.

               Although shopping local and purchasing from small businesses has always been important, it has never been more so than right now. I hope this post has given you some inspiration for an upcoming gift and most importantly, encouraged you to favour small businesses where possible to help them through these difficult times.

What have you been up to over lockdown? Have you been online shopping at all, or perhaps received a special gift in the post? Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Small Business Love: My Favourite Purchases over Lockdown”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this Holly. It’s worth me saying that all the things that I saw were really good quality too!


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