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Positive Thinking: Little Lent Challenge and Other Achievements

Hello again! It’s been a while since my last post, so here is just a little update on what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks…


It all began with Lent: I always try and give something up for Lent, but each year as it comes round, I struggle to decide on what to actually give up. One year I gave up crisps, and now I hardly ever eat them. Another, I gave up golden syrup. Yes, really. And I know it’s meant to be difficult and a sacrifice, but I really couldn’t face the thought of losing chocolate, or worse, tea – even if only for a few weeks!

I finally decided that I would give up complaining. It’s something I find myself doing a lot more than I’d like, whether this be out loud with others, or even just in my head. Now, although this began with good intentions, I can’t say I was getting on very well – mostly because I keep forgetting that I was trying to give up complaining and to instead think more positively. But as of mid-last week, I’ve begun trying a different tactic: considering difficult events, and things which I may be tempted to complain, or get upset about, as hurdles rather than horrendous, impossible things to tackle. Considering them as challenges, not barriers has actually helped me de-stress a lot more than I expected, because it means I can keep things much more in perspective.

In keeping with this positive thinking, here are a few other things I’ve done since I last posted:

  • Started a Beginners course in Italian with one of my flatmates – it’s something I’ve been meaning and wanting to do for ages and kept putting off. But I’ve finally taken the first step forward (probably about time really, considering my romantic ties to the language!).
  • Completed 3 out of 4 of this term’s deadlines, signed up for my third year modules and begun planning some Dissertation ideas.

  • Celebrated our 3rd anniversary with my amazing boyfriend – it’s crazy how time flies!
  • Went 10-pin bowling with a group of friends and actually won! (yes, it does still count if the barriers were up!) The following weekend, we had a Pizza and Games Night, which was also a lot of fun.
  • Went for a run!!! People who know me know this is very unusual behaviour, but the sun was shining and I was inspired. Whilst I am proud of myself for actually going, it’s not something I think I’ll be doing again anytime soon…

So there we are, my little journey over the last few weeks. It’s been an interesting time, and I hope I can maintain this positive thinking to the end of the term! I have a couple of posts on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled for more.




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