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Cute Stops and Coffee Shops

As I’m drawing towards the end of another term living in Wales, I wanted to share a few places I’ve found that I love in Cardiff. Coming from a place where you’re always surrounded by nature – so much closer to the sea than a main road – I wondered what it was that people do and where they go when they live in a city.

So this is just a few of my favourite spots, both outside and in, so a list perfect for all seasons – for those that live here and fancy discovering somewhere they may not have before, or for those that don’t, in case you somehow find yourself in the capital one day and want some time away from all the bigger shopping areas. 

Roath Park

Perfect place if you fancy a bit of a stroll around: you can watch the world go by, people walk their dogs, squirrels chase each other. This is a great way to take a break from work, or if you need a bit of a break from the city itself. I went with my boyfriend one afternoon back in autumnal November, when the leaves were falling from the trees and it was lovely and relaxing.

15416184_1366535420024637_148541764_n    15356150_1366535460024633_25489310_n


Stag Coffee

Staying towards Cathays (nearer uni), Stag Coffee on Cryws Road is a cosy little coffee shop, perfect when you need warming up, or a nice piece of cake – and let’s be honest, when wouldn’t you want cake?! The breakfasts and lunches also look amazing, so I definitely would like to go again soon to try this out!

img_1200     img_1202    img_5237


Alexandra Gardens

I discovered this area during my summer exams when the weather was so nice I couldn’t stand to revise indoors. It’s lovely and quiet, so is a great place for taking a book and getting some fresh air at the same time. Also a good (and popular) area to go to during lunch, or lecture breaks. I took a few evening walks around here back in the spring when I wanted to get out of the house and have a bit of a wander but in a place which feels more secluded from the city landscape.

img_2144    img_2145    img_2261


The Plan Café

The only place on this short little list which is actually in town itself. One of the things I love most about Cardiff is all the cute little arcades with individual and unique shops (which also are covered in Christmas lights this time of year!). Top tip: These places are also fab for finding little coffee shops such as this one. This café does such good coffee, I always make sure to go whenever I’m in town and need a shopping break! They also serve delicious, massive (and affordable!!!) meals, which I would definitely recommend.

img_8237    img_8238    img_1996


Cardiff Bay

Lastly, what would a Cardiff guide be without a mention of the Bay? Although more out of town, it is definitely worth taking a trip down here. For me, it’s just great to be able to go and see the sea! But it’s also great for dining – there are loads of restaurants – and for Dr Who/Torchwood fans, as this is where the Dr Who Experience museum-y place is. It’s also the home of the famous Millennium Centre, which is pretty impressive and also looks great lit up at night!

img_6025   img_5595


So there we are, just a couple of my favourite places in and around Cardiff. I’m always exploring and discovering more, as I am back in at home. Note: there will be a sister-post to this soon, following the same principles, but for Cornwall, so keep your eyes peeled! Here it is!


All photos are my own.


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