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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Stronger?

That’s what they say, at least. And yet at the same time people seem to find it so incredibly difficult to sustain more long distance relationships, so what is really happening?

In this day and age, we have got to a serious stage of over-reliance in terms of using technology – it’s almost as if the virtual world and ways of communicating are now so much more exciting than face-to-face communication that people end up talking to each other via their phones and laptops when they’re in the same room. Isn’t that ridiculous?

I think the possibilities for recent technology on a larger scale are brilliant, in terms of fulfilling but enhancing the original aim: keeping in contact with those you are unable to meet with. Particularly when living away from home, you are really able to appreciate being able to speak to, see in real-time, and keep up-to-date with your close friends and family whenever you want, much more.

When, this year, my best friend and I travelled off to our different parts of the country for uni, I was worried she would make a new “best friend” and would end up forgetting about me. But no, we try and send messages and snapchats back and forth when we can and always make sure to Skype every few weeks (trust me: this is never a short affair!!). Yes, you do have to work harder to keep in contact with each other, but the simple fact that so much is possible ensures that you don’t lose touch. I actually went down to stay with her at uni a few weekends ago, and had the best time, but I think that’s another blog post in the making! (I hope I’m not coming off as clingy – but I think a lot of people get concerned about this!)

I do think that it depends on the relationship, and definitely by the will of the people involved. It would be so easy to lose your connection, but why would you let something so simple, natural and so important go to waste, drop out of the picture? Nowadays it seems that people just want the easy route –  many things are handed to them on a plate and so they can afford to be lazy. But at the same time, to live your life so immersed in the technology which can so easily keep your human, social relationships alive, and still not do it? There’s no excuse.

Effectively what I’m saying is, make the effort. Maybe that’s starting to become less and less common nowadays, but for the sake of a few minutes here and there, your mentality, happiness and humanity on a whole, it is so worth it.


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